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Our Candle Kits have become the Number 1 choice for candle making supplies within the industry. We only supply the highest quality products, at the most competitive prices. With unique customized designs on our tins, jars & gift bags our kits are the perfect gift for any occasion. We are trusted experts in the supply of quality, mesmerizing fragrances along with being market leaders due to our extensive and innovative product range, coupled with our renowned knowledge in candles.

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Katie Ingram

Can’t say enough about this candle-making kit. My daughter and I enjoyed making these candles so much. The kit is absolutely gorgeous. The instructions were easy and clear. Scents, colors, tins, and stickers are beautiful. Highly recommended!

Helen Dean

Upscale professional-looking candles and everything you need to make them. My friend and I had a blast making these candles. We both will be ordering this kit again. I buy a lot of craft items and kits, and this is by far the best for ease of use, quality of materials, and quality of the final product.

Megan Garner

Everything you need to start the hobby of candle making in one cute package that has everything to start as soon as it is delivered. Love it!

Eco-Friendly. Made with our planet in mind.

Everything you need to get started

Uniquely designed Products & Accessories

Use of high-quality durable materials

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A ceramic plate with 3 purple figs inside.

Slow made to make it uniquely yours and different.

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“Everytime we host a dinner at our place the plates are the stars of the night. They are just that beautiful!”

“I am in love! The care that is put in making the tableware is just unprecedented. Can't wait for their new collection”

“This is the most beautiful set of plates I own. So elegant and pretty. They are dishwasher safe which is a big plus for me.”

It takes a bit of care to make it last a lifetime.

Handmade and unique

We're gonna make some big decisions in our little world.

Sustainable materials

We're gonna make some big decisions in our little world.

High-quality and durable

We're gonna make some big decisions in our little world.

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